Other Stuff

I enjoy taking pictures, drawing and occasionally even turning a phrase. Go figure. To follow is some of my work. I can’t vouch for there being; any artistic depth, standout quality or even an ounce of creativity, alas it is my work. So after such and awesome introduction, I do hope you spend some time reviewing. Let me know what you think.

  • Zombies Take Sydney.


    Sydney was invaded by zombies. I followed them around. What a day. It was a slow march across town - zombies apparently can't walk that fast you see.

  • Sydney @ Night.


    This was my first night shooting in Sydney. I had never worked with a trigger before so this was a steep learning curve. Loads of fun.

  • Abandoned Factory.


    A friend and I 'snuck' into an abandoned factory. We wanted to see what the local riff raff got up to in there. We had heard all sorts of things about the place. It was eerie and quiet but a photographers dream. I am not a photographer so it was a nightmare - the light changed frequently and there were load of dark patches that just couldnt be lit. But what a day!

  • Supernova ’11.


    I hadn't ever been to a conference of this type before. I was blown away by the effort, thought and awesomeness of the people in attendance. If you get the chance or are curious, get out there and visit one of these days.

  • One Day In Washington.


    I was lucky enough to Visit Washington DC for work. What a place. I hope to get back there some day and spend more time. What a place.

  • Can’t Be Categorised.


    Sometimes things just cant fit into one sweet little package. This album is an homage to those things that just don't otherwise fit.