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Whoa, you clicked or scrolled and made it here – for that, I salute you. If you dare to keep going, you will be on the inside. Well, at least looking through a window to the inside. You don’t really want to be inside, there are too many of us in there at the moment. Any which way,  you will be an Insider. Ain’t life grand!

22 May

AdAge (recognized as the leading global source of news, analysis and inspiration for the marketing and media community) picked up on the success we have had off the back of the “event in a box” program we created at Replicon[…]

19 Mar

After some amazing success, LinkedIN decided to interview me and one of my team a couple of days ago. Here is the published version of what was a hilarious chat.

29 Oct

Kevin Bacon, you rock. This is the best clip ever.

20 Oct

You have all most likely heard of Daniel Easterman. He is the author of at least 10 novels. You might have also heard of Jonathan Aycliffe. He is the author of about 9 or so top selling novels. What you[…]

13 Oct

Sears in an epic product selection fail, they have put up a Swastika punk ring on their website. Their description goes some way to letting you know how odd their buyer and web team really are. Here is how it reads[…]

9 Oct

Gangsta Rose

Kids are fun. Well, I am having fun. This pic speaks volumes as to just how much I am having!

12 Sep

Thanks VentureBeat. You just pushed the stock of my flock higher. And, yes I know the collective noun of a unicorn is not a flock. It is a blessing. Like c’mon. To be honest though – I think as the[…]

1 Jul

At 0430, on the 29th of June, Hannah and I left our warm bed to start our drive to the Good Samaritan Hospital is Los Gatos. We were on our way to have our first child. A little girl. She was in[…]

9 Oct

Hannah and I celebrated our second wedding a couple of days ago. It wasn’t really a second one as much as the official Jewish one. What an amazing day. Family and friends from all over the world joined us for[…]

5 Aug

Being as blind as a bat and having a particularly small head, is an affliction I would not wish on anyone. As someone who lives with this problem daily, I can tell you, one of the primary downsides is glasses[…]