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May 22 2015

AdAge (recognized as the leading global source of news, analysis and inspiration for the marketing and media community) picked up on the success we have had off the back of the “event in a box” program we created at Replicon[…]

March 19 2015

After some amazing success, LinkedIN decided to interview me and one of my team a couple of days ago. Here is the published version of what was a hilarious chat.

October 29 2014
October 20 2014
Goldsmith College London

You have all most likely heard of Daniel Easterman. He is the author of at least 10 novels. You might have also heard of Jonathan Aycliffe. He is the author of about 9 or so top selling novels. What you[…]

September 12 2014

Thanks VentureBeat. You just pushed the stock of my flock higher. And, yes I know the collective noun of a unicorn is not a flock. It is a blessing. Like c’mon. To be honest though – I think as the[…]

July 18 2013

In a follow up to my last post, I have had some feedback from readers and additionally, some other points of discussion have sprung to mind and come to my attention. We are not allowed to pray on the temple[…]

June 6 2013
Jackie Mason

There is no better way, to celebrate a Jewish hero, than through a quote. Here’s to you Jackie Mason: You would imagine that it would be impossible for a Jew not to support Israel. Here is a people that was[…]

May 30 2013

Social media is a blaze! Why you ask – JC Penny’s latest kettle went on sale. Boring right? Well check out the picture. Some think it looks a little like a long dead German dictator. What do you think?   I’m[…]

May 14 2013
UN Watch

The selection of Iran to the position of the Chair, to the United Nations Conference on Disarmament; is like putting Jack the Ripper in charge of a women’s shelter. – Hillel Neuer UN Watch