I got a new pet to keep me entertained during long calls at the office today. He is a Siamese Fighting fish – otherwise known as a Betta Fish or Japanese Fighting fish.

Although pretty, he is quite dull. I actually found myself tapping on the tank this afternoon, just to make sure he is alive. People tell me that I should put a mirror up to him to get him fired up, but I don’t want to rile the bugger up just for my amusement. I can’t imagine it is healthy to get that angry over a reflection of yourself.

Mind you – one drunken night in dimly lit TelAviv nightclub, I did just that when this handsome devil about my height, weight and baldness just wouldn’t move out of the way – but alas that’s a story for another day.

In the mean time until then, does anyone out there  know why this magical fan tailed fish is even known as a Japanese Fighting fish? From all my reading (after being sternly corrected today) the fish clearly is from Siam/Thailand and I just cant find a link to Japan. Any ideas?