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Whoa, you clicked or scrolled and made it here – for that, I salute you. If you dare to keep going, you will be on the inside. Well, at least looking through a window to the inside. You don’t really want to be inside, there are too many of us in there at the moment. Any which way,  you will be an Insider. Ain’t life grand!

25 Jul

I got a new pet to keep me entertained during long calls at the office today. He is a Siamese Fighting fish – otherwise known as a Betta Fish or Japanese Fighting fish. Although pretty, he is quite dull. I actually[…]

18 Jul

In a follow up to my last post, I have had some feedback from readers and additionally, some other points of discussion have sprung to mind and come to my attention. We are not allowed to pray on the temple[…]

14 Jul

A puppy is a never ending source of amusement. Even when waking up from a nap she can still enrapture an audience!

11 Jul

Its a sad day when you have to eat food that looks this good. But someone has to do it. And, thankfully, that someone is me. My delightful wife has been cooking up a storm to build up her new[…]

2 Jul

Save the date peeps! The wedding invites are out and we expect you to RSVP ASAP! If you didnt make the cut – I am sorry. I had no role in deciding who was invited and not. But that shouldn’t[…]

6 Jun

There is no better way, to celebrate a Jewish hero, than through a quote. Here’s to you Jackie Mason: You would imagine that it would be impossible for a Jew not to support Israel. Here is a people that was[…]

30 May

Social media is a blaze! Why you ask – JC Penny’s latest kettle went on sale. Boring right? Well check out the picture. Some think it looks a little like a long dead German dictator. What do you think?   I’m[…]

14 May

The selection of Iran to the position of the Chair, to the United Nations Conference on Disarmament; is like putting Jack the Ripper in charge of a women’s shelter. – Hillel Neuer UN Watch

17 Apr

It is anomalous that world opinion should only criticize Israel’s response to hostility and should not actively seek to bring an end to the Arab hostility which is the root cause of the tension.

9 Apr

I bring this post to you today, courtesy of an office colleague. He knows I am a sucker for a cookie. And this is one you can make at the office in a flash. All you need it some ingredients and[…]